Update regarding COVID-19

While the spread of COVID-19 is creating unsafe conditions for face-to-face meetings, Dr. Goldman has set up video conferencing services which meet HIPAA security standards, and will be reimbursable by Medicare and BC/BS which are the insurers with whom Dr. Goldman is a provider. If you are interested in participating in telepsychology services, please feel free to contact Dr. Goldman through his contact form, by email (lgoldmanphd@gmail.com) or by phone (703-624-0223).

about  treatment

We all tend to manage the ups and downs in life the best way we know how given our biological and social development and experiences.  Dr. Goldman knows that we all learn skills and expectations which are adaptive when learned, but may be limiting in new situations, and he recognizes our skills and abilities as strengths we can build upon.  He believes that within the safety of a supportive and confidential psychotherapy relationship we can examine and learn to change the beliefs and behaviors we have acquired which are not serving us as well as we would like.  He is focused on helping clients identify their own goals and will assist their growth through brief, strength-based, goal-oriented individual, couples and family therapy.

  • Individual Therapy

  • ​Family Therapy

  • ​Couples Therapy

  • ​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

  • ​Trauma Work

  • Coping Skills for ADHD 

  • ​Substance Abuse Services

  • Communication/Relationship Skill-Building

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